For this assignment you are expected to visit the worship service and/or interview a member of a religion other than your own and report on this encounter. This means that if you are a member of one of the broad religious categories in the textbook you should learn about the religion of another religion entirely. For example, if you are Catholic or Protestant, you should encounter a religion other than another kind of Christianity. The same goes for Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and so on. This may involve some effort ahead of time to find a place of worship or meet someone of another faith.

You are responsible for making the arrangements for visiting a worship service or interviewing someone of another faith. It helps to get in touch with someone ahead of time. Also, if you are attending the service of another faith, remember to ask what kind of attire is appropriate as well as any behaviors you should observe. Remember to be respectful and when in doubt ask questions.

Learn what you can about the other religion: what people do, how it is represented, what significance their actions take. If you conduct an interview, ask the other person what they believe and how they live out their faith. Ask specific questions.

You must also present some documentary evidence of your encounter. This could include a picture of the place of worship or a flyer for a service. For an interview, a name and contact email or phone number would suffice. This is to be included with the written Field Report in Part 2. Please do not post any personally identifiable information about your interviewee in the presentation in Part 1.

The Field Report:

The second part of this assignment involves writing up your experience in a Field Report. This report should be 6-8 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font or equivalent). This report should very briefly describe the religion in question before describing your experience. It should include the major features mentioned above, but also mention passages in the textbook that present or explain these observations about the other religion. For example, you might observe a group of Buddhists meditating. You would note this distinctive feature of the group and say something like:

The textbook says that when a Buddhist is meditating he or she focuses on “a physical object or even a blank wall, but usually the focal point is the breath” (176). I later asked one of the members how they meditation and they explained that they pay attention to their breathing.

When I grade I will be looking for clarity, detail, organization, and thoughtfulness in your essays. It helps to proofread what you have written before you submit it. You may wish to ask someone to read over your essay before submitting it to spot any areas that might need revision. As always, what you write needs to be in your own words, supplemented by references to the textbook. Copying and/or pasting from other sources without citing them properly is plagiarism and will result in failing.

Religion Interview Questions and Answers:

Interviewed: Deacon Melvin Davis, Montgomery AL. 334.201.0590 06/26/2016 @ 5:30 pm

1.  What is your religion?

  • Baptist

2.  Did you inherit your religion or di you decide it on your own?

  • I inherit my religion from family

3.  Have you ever studied another religion?

  • No

4.  What did you make of your studies?

  • N/A

5.  What do you think is the most fundamental aspect of your religion?

  • The stories of the Bible.  The Disciples telling their stories.  I believe them

6.  What do you want others to know about your religion?

  • That it is the truth

7.  What makes you a strong believer in your faith?

  • The miracles that I have seen for myself that the Lord has done for me

8.  What are some of your religion traditions?

*  Giving gifts on Christmas.  In the Bible three wise men gave gifts on the day Jesus was born so it is my tradition to give gifts on his birthday

9.  What are some of the symbols of your religion?

*  The cross.  The horizontal piece symbolized the relationship between man and GOD and the verticle piece symbolize the relationship between man and people

10.  Does your religion provide a guide for your future path?

*  Yes, it does.  If I follow as the word say and do as the word say, I will get my reward in Heaven, if not I will suffer in Hell

11.  Does your community of faith always stand behind you in a time of need?

*  I don’t let others know of my personal struggles because once I take my troubles to the Lord I don’t need help from anyone else

12.  How does your faith handle societal issues such as premarital sex, teen pregnancy, same sex marriage, and divorce?

*  We are non judgmental, as it is not our place to judge anyone

13.  Do you have any type of scripture or literature that you read and follow?

*  Yes, the Bible and the daily bread

14.  Do you pray?  If so, how do you pray?

*  Yes, I pray.  Sometimes I pray out loud by speaking to Christ.  Sometimes I pray with my eyes closed in silent prayer.  I pray whenever I feel the need to do so regardless where I am

15.  How do you feel about other religions?

*  They are ok, I have nothing against them.  I will listen to someone of another religion and try to learn something about it

16.  What do you think will happen to non-believers of your religion after death?

*  I believe they will be lost in the wilderness

17.  Do you go to a church, temple, or mosque?

*  Church

18.  How often do you go to church?

*  Every Sunday for worship service

19.  Is there a particular dress code for your church?

*  No, we are free to come as we are

20.  What misconception do you feel people have about your religion?

*  That we are hypocrites because we are taught to love one another yet we are against same sex marriage because GOD created Adam and Eve.

This concludes the interview.

*  I am Muslim and Mr. Davis is Baptist.  

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