requesting essay on short story

Analyze a symbol used in the short story “Bartelby, the Scrivener”. Fully explore how it is used literally in the story, what the symbol means on a deeper level, and why the author chose that particular symbol.

The paper must conform to the following stipulations:

  • Correct MLA format (12 point font, double spaced throughout, header, running head with page number, title, 1”margins, indented paragraphs), in-text citations (at least 2), and Work Cited page
  • Useful title, capturing the essence of your paper’s focus
  • At least 800 words
  • Clear, concise, arguable thesis statement that accurately signals the position you will assert in the paper; this should be the last sentence of your first paragraph (Thesis: Throughout his short story ‘Bartleby the Scrivener’, Herman Melville uses dead letters and walls to symbolize Bartleby’s character and his demeanor towards the Narrator.)
  • Multiple paragraphs, including an effective introduction, substantive body paragraphs, and a sensible, satisfying conclusion
  • Ample, specific details from the story to support, expand, and/or illustrate your claims; you will need at least two direct quotes from the story, properly cited.
  • Written in 3rd person with formal language (no “I,” “you,” or “we”).
  • The focus of this paper is to prove that you have a working knowledge of the literary terms/devices. There should be NO outside research for this first paper. I want your insights alone.
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