research essay 16

Background: During previous units, we dedicated a significant amount of time to discussing the ways in which environment and social circumstances shape us as individuals. In particular, we examined the enduring influence of authority figures, the psychology of power, and various factors that contribute to a person’s potential for violence.

Task: During our final unit, you will have the opportunity to research one of the particular topics that interested you the most during the quarter and write a research paper that delves deeper into the topic you choose. For your final essay, your research essay, you will select one of the following essay questions that relates to the themes we have explored during the quarter. Use reliable and authoritative sources to help you form your opinion. If any part of your essay is plagiarized, it will receive an “F” grade. The minimum length for this essay is 1500 words.

Essay topics:1) Write a research essay in which you examine the current economic and environmental conditions in the Brazilian favelas. How have the favelas changed in recent years? Has the wealth divide between the rich and poor in Brazil grown larger or smaller? Have the living conditions of the favela inhabitants improved or become worse in recent years? What about the violence? Has the violence dissipated? Has the Brazilian government done anything to help the situation? After, considering your research, you must develop a thesis in which you argue whether you believe quality of life has improved or become worse during the past five years. You may argue that in some ways it has improved and in other ways it has declined.

Please write the essay in a Counterargument/Rebuttal form.

Please see attachment for further instruction.

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