research methods homework based on my previous work attached

APA Style,Perfect Grammar, please read attachments before answer. According to my attached previous work, Deeply answer those questions.Must be small paragraph,not only one sentence.Be professional

Homework: Designing the Questionnaire

Part 1: Answer the following questions. Your responses must be written in grammatically correct sentence. Your intentions must be clearly stated. Someone reading your responses should not have to ask “what do you mean?”

Why are you developing a questionnaire?

What do expect to discover or learn from the responses?

What is the nature of your survey cross sectional or longitudinal)? Explain.

Did you develop the questionnaire? Are you using a pre-existing questionnaire? If so, who developed the questionnaire?

What topics will be addressed on the survey?

What type of rating scale are you going to use?

How long will it take to administer and collect the responses? (Timeline)

Where will the study take place? ( Location)- Northlake,IL

How do you plan to interpret the data? Explain the descriptive and /or inferential process.

Part 2: Develop a questionnaire. Questionnaires will be pilot tested in class.

You must have at least 10 – minimum questions no more than 20 (20 – maximum).

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