research paper for senate 7 8 pages

There paper must be 7-8 of writing.

You can use any format you want,but I prefer you use MLA format

PLEASE SITE YOUR SOURCES CORRECTLY BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO GET INTO TROUBLE FOR PLAGIARIZING.( USE OWL.PURDUE for help) TRY TO WRITE IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS UNLESS YOU HAVE TO USE QUOTATION Any time you quote, paraphrase, or reference ideas, data, or other material from a resource, it needs to be cited at the point in the essay where it is mentioned. Most often, this is done by using footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical citations.S .


For this assignment, I want you to write a 7-8 excluding References and cover page page research paper on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions(.senate)

Here is the link to the Health, Education, Labor , and Pension committee website PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT THIS WEBSITE IT WILL HELP YOU WITH THIS ASSIGNMENT

DIRECTIONS(r below please read VERY carefully )

Follow the directions as asked.

The paper’s introduction should discuss the committee’s history, its jurisdiction, and its membership. Each committee has an official website that will provide students with most of the information that they will need for this section.

You should consult the committee’s website and provide their own summary of the committee’s origin and the policies that fall under the committee’s current jurisdiction. Please do not simply copy or paraphrase what exists on the committee’s website.What is its primary mission and what types of issues does the committee investigate? Are there certain executive departments or agencies the committee is responsible for overseeing? How many subcommittees does the committee have? Who are the chairperson and ranking member of the committee? What is the current partisan make-up of the committee

PART TWO of the paper

The second part of the paper should discuss a specific bill that is currently pending before the committee. To find bills that have been referred to a specific committee, students should use the website The advanced search option allows users to search for legislation using multiple criteria. Select a specific committee using the search options below. To find all of bills that have been referred to the committee you’ve selected, click on the appropriate House or Senate committee, leave the search box blank, and click search. PLEASE BE DESCRIPTIVE TO THE BILL YOU’VE CHOSEN

Students have some discretion in selecting the legislation that the paper will discuss, however the bill selected for the paper should have significant policy consequences. Honorary, commemorative, or other similarly trivial bills should not be used. I would suggest that students review many of the bills that have been referred to the committee before determining which bill to select. If you’re unsure whether a bill you’re considering is suitable for this assignment, please ask. 2 After the description of the committee, the paper should transition to discuss the specifics of the bill that has been selected. What are the main policy changes that the bill proposes to make? Is the bill narrowly tailored to affect one specific policy or are its effects likely to be far-reaching? What executive departments or agencies would be responsible for implementing the changes that the bill proposes?

In addition to a brief summary of the bill, this section should also identify the bill’s sponsor and the number of cosponsors (if any). Does the bill’s sponsor sit on the committee or subcommittee of referral? Lastly, given what you know about the committee, its membership, and the content and characteristics of the bill, how likely is it that the bill will be reported out of committee for consideration on the floor? If the bill is successfully passed in the chamber of origin, would you expect the other chamber to act on the bill? Do you expect that this proposal will be enacted into law? Why or why not?

Papers should not be written in the first person. This means avoiding words such as I, me, my, and so on. Your academic writing should also avoid using slang or contractions. Failing to adhere to the format requirements, as well as grammar or spelling mistakes, will result in a lower grade. Please proofread and revise your paper before turning it in.

In general, material from sites such as Wikipedia, blogs, and other websites not recognized as reputable news sources should not be cited in your paper. It is usually fine to conduct research on the web to provide background information for your analysis, but the material cited in your essay should consist of credible resources.

Papers will be graded by the following criteria Committee and jurisdiction (15 pts) Legislation description( 15 pts) Expected outcome( 10 pts) Works cited (5 pts) Academic writing style( 10pts)

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