research proposal 45

● This must be a specific question, not a general topic.

● The question must be researchable within the semester, and one you

can attempt to cover satisfactorily in a 10-minute presentation and a

1000-word report. There is no point taking a vague and general

question that you cannot hope to answer.

● The question should relate to your major studies but it must not be

something that you have already researched and answered as part of

the assessment for one of your courses.

● The question will involve secondary research i.e. something you

research through the internet or the LRC and an element of primary

research i.e. research you carry out yourself.

● Your teacher will advise you on how to go about choosing this question.

My Topic

My general area of interest is company culture.

My specific research question is : How to build a company culture that leads to success?

I have chosen this because lam interested in creating my own company in the future

and I would like to know about company culture to achieve success in general. In my

opinion it is very important because every company should have it own culture to be

developed and to increase employees productively.


Background Information

Company culture is needed in any company because employees tend to enjoy work when their

needs and values are consistent with those in the workplace. However , it is not always easy to

understand a company’s culture.

Problem statement / thesis statement & Outline of 3 major topic areas to be discussed in the

Literature Review:

In my research I will talk about three main points which are : Respect as main point of the

company culture , creating a team spirit and a sense of belonging and ethics in a workplace.

Literature Review (with in-text citations)

Topic Area 1

Respect is an important part of any company culture.

Supporting details:

According to Greg (2015 ) ,all the following steps are main reasons to achieve respect in

company culture : listen to each other , show employees that you care , help each other and

encourage everyone to be themselves.Personalty , I agree with this writer because he define

respect in work environment in simple and complete way which can any employee take this

steps to work on it and achieve success in the company.

Topic area 2

Topic sentence:

creating a team spirit and a sense of belonging

.Supporting details:

Real street journal (2017) found the following : Company culture is the fiber that holds your

team together. It explains who you are, what you believe in and where your business is

headed in the future. This common ground designates everything from your team’s work

ethic to the manner in which they treat one another. A clearly defined culture reminds

everyone that they belong, are unified and are all working toward the same shared goals.

In my opinion I think company culture doesn’t depends on unit employees only , it is a

bout vision and value of each employee in creating culture workplace and to win new

customer also.

Topic area 3

Topic sentence:

Ethics in the company lead to have success culture.

Supporting details:

Robert vaux (2018) Believes that : the most important aspect of an ethical business culture

is the same as it is for individuals: Keep your promises and honor your commitments.I

really agree with this writer , he cut short of main points realated to ethics in company

culture.Ethics consider one of the pasic cocepts . In my poinion , it is a wealth for company

and good reputation.

Primary research methodology

Explain the methodology

In this research I will interview employees in different companies and also a

managers.I will ask eight questions in order to know their knowledge of the

importance of the company’s culture.

Results and discussion

Talk about the expected results

I expect from my interviews that there are a number of employees and managers

who do not have sufficient knowledge of the company’s culture.The company’s

culture includes many aspects , more than I will discuss in my research.I hope I will

come out with good reasults and I have published a good knowledge for the community.


Restate the main findings:

In my research I will talk about three main points which are : Respect as one main point of the

company culture , creating a team spirit and a sense of belonging and ethics of the company as

one of the most important point in company culture.

Evaluation, recommendation, or warning (clincher):

In my view, the success of any company based on its culture and the extent of its progress

depends on the extent to which employees are aware of the importance of the company’s culture.

Task 3: References

● Identify sources to read in the LRC or the Internet.

● Read and make notes on the sources.

● Think about what you have read and decide what your opinions are.

● You should show your teacher the sources you plan to use and your notes.

My sources

Ref 1 How to start your own company in 7 days.(2017).Retrieved on


Ref 2 McKay , M.(2017).How to Make Your Own comany culture.Retrieved


Ref 3 Landau , C.(2017).7 Steps to Starting Your Own company.Retrieved on


Ref 4 Rampton , J.(2014).50 Tips for Starting Your Own Company.Retrieved on


Ref 5 Toren , M.(2015)A Simple 6-Step Process to Starting a Small Business.Retrieved


Ref 6

In your reference include as much information as you can, following the APA style. If you

take a paper source you should be able to find: the name of the author, when the source

was published, the title of the article, the name of the journal or book it was published in,

the name of the publisher and the city where the publisher’s office is. If you take an

internet source you may find only some of these things. Give the URL and as much other

information as you can.

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