1500-200 word essay supported by research in which you analyze either causes or effects of a phenomenon (i.e. cybersecurity: the effects of data breaches on insurance costs or sales / the causes of cyber attacks on financial institutions, the impact of social media on advertising, the impact of digital media on student writing, ect.)

Organization: The essay should have the following elements: 

  1. An engaging introductory paragraph. You might even want to cite sources in the opening paragraph to make your opening engaging to the reader. 
  2. An effective and clear thesis statement 
  3. A statement of definitions and background on the topic on which you are writing. 
  4. You will want to define any terms necessary for the reader. 
  5. You may want to provide a historical background on your topic.
  6. Unified, supported, and coherent body paragraphs that defend the thesis 
  7. Sources cited throughout the body paragraphs that support the arguments in the paper
  8. An effective conclusion
  9. A “references” page that lists the sources cited. 
  10. The references should be listed in APA format. In addition, the paper should be formatted according to APA style (e.g., you should include a running head with page numbers, have appropriate margins, etc.)
  11. Six or more cited sources from scholarly journals

This essay can be a persuasive essay, in which you try to persuade the reader of a particular position. Or it can be an expository essay that synthesizes material, an essay in which you give information to the reader and synthesize the different viewpoints on an issue.

Thanks in advance!

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