Need 500 words for below question and also with in-text citations and references and Make sure 0% Plagiarism and Don’t do translation process to change the words. Write in your own words. Please find attachment mvcd.

Review the presentation above regarding the Model View Controller Design pattern before attempting this assignment.  You may use the above presentation as a reference, but if you do, you must cite it in your references.

  1. Research the Model-View-Controller (MVC) layered architectural pattern and the Client-Server architectural pattern.
  2. Explain each architectural approach and describe how each is organized (i.e., how they work).
  3. Compare and contrast each architectural pattern. What types of systems and application development environments might each be best suited for?
  4. Which of the two architectural patterns are best suited for dynamic application development environments characterized by high rates of change?  Why?
  5. Your analysis should be at least  more than 500 words.

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