respond to discussion post minimum 100 words

You responding to the student on what you felt compelling and enlightening

Student paper down below:

What I have learned from others’ responses?

I learned that recovery can be tailored to a person’s addiction such as opioid or nicotine addiction which will give a better success rate or outcome for the addict to remain substance free. Each one of us has a personal experience with addiction and recovery or we know someone who is going through the struggle of recovery and I think reading those experiences has given me good insights about how hard it must be to remain clean. It is for this reason that I am dedicated to serving those who need assistance with recovery. I have watched my sister struggle with addiction and recovery for several years and although she is committed to a drug free lifestyle, there are times when I can see the stress that could send her spiraling back down a path that she has fought so hard to stay away from.

Compelling Points

I found that the personal experiences with addiction and recovery to be the most compelling for me to read. I thought that sharing their stories was a fantastic way for me to better understand what they have gone through to get to this point in their lives. The recovery centers that I read about seemed to have a treatment model that could be tailor made to fit each person’s individual needs for recovery, so I felt that this was an interesting point too. I am extremely interested in co-occurring disorders and how mental health issues and addiction are treated using different methodologies that work cohesively together for a unified result which is recovery (n.d.).

Participating in Discussions

I think that the discussion boards is like a developing relationship that is encouraged to spontaneously grow through the interactions between students and I think this subject matter is no different. When a person shares a very personal experience like a substance addiction and recovery, I think that individual is allowing themselves to be very open and honest about the experience thus creating the opportunity for other students to have an understanding about what they have lived through. Personally, I have the utmost respect for someone who shows that kind of honesty.

Approaches and Clarification

I think that this type of forum is just as productive as a traditional classroom setting and most times more engaging because of the subject matter that we are asked to research and talk about. For me, I have done well in this type of setting and my efforts will pay off this June with my graduation, so I know that I would not change one thing about this type of learning environment. I found every post to be clear and concise about the topics given and I do not need any further clarification.

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