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For this assignment please provide a 250 word response to the following. Please provide meaningful feedback regarding the topic and issues described. I am not interested in how it is written, but rather the issues expressed below:Thank You

I would use Alzheimer’s as the suffering basis for my argument against the existence of God. For someone to lose everything they know to be, yet physically continue to live while those they depend on are now strangers to them is impossible to explain to me. There is no just explanation, there is only the medical explanation of what happens. There is no “why” in regards to it happening. There may be a because and one day humans may triumph over this horrible illness and if that happened then I imagine you could make a connection to the methodology of Richard Swinburne in that you have free will and are responsible for your own evil. If you filled your brain with sand would you not die? Wouldn’t you expect to experience loss of brain function as you were doing this to yourself? Indeed you are responsible for putting this in your body, and likewise, whatever you put in your body that lead to your current state. I find it hard to justify an invisible killer whose methods are so cruel however. Although Hicks would argue you couldn’t have an indestructible human without violating the laws of physics I would question that if there was a purpose to suffering then to what amount is it useful? Why doesn’t pain stop at the feeling of a splinter? Why doesn’t depression stop at the point of mild sadness? Alzheimer’s is the equivalent of installing a fireplace in your house that can get so hot everything in it will burst into flames. What would the decision to install that say about the builder? What does Alzheimer’s say about God?

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