response planning 1


In this assignment you are addressing how to create a media communication plan for the response phase.

Put yourself in the role of an emergency manager who is doing initial work on response plans for the type of critical incident shown in the Riverbend City scenario— a man-made accident. You are the Riverbend City media liaison tasked with helping the following groups create media plans for the response phase of an emergency:

  • Emergency and government managers.
  • First responders.
  • Business leaders.
  • Heads of families or households
  • Personnel in charge of or dealing with special needs groups such as the elderly, non-English speaking people, children, et cetera.

FEMA recently put a lot of attention on core capabilities directly related to the response phase of an emergency. In your position as media liaison, prepare an example press release that addresses a summary of the specific core capabilities.

Your purpose is to introduce the target audience to what goes into a well-rounded media communication during the response phase. Use your personal and professional experiences, your readings, as well as situations you have seen in the Riverbend City scenario that would lend themselves to planning media communication during the response phase. Be sure to cite your resources.

In your press release:

  1. Provide summaries of the following core capabilities directly related to the response phase:
    • Public information and warning.
    • Situational assessment.
    • On-scene security, protection, and law enforcement.
    • Critical transportation.
  2. Develop one example, using the train derailment/chemical spill as your context, that illustrates each of the four core capabilities (public information and warning; situational assessment; on-scene security, protection, and law enforcement; and critical transportation).
  3. Create a plan for implementing one of the response measures you have identified.


The press release should be 3–4 pages, not including a title page and the references page(s).

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