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Resilience is the ability of a person or a community to cope with disasters and get back to the normal state at a satisfactory time and manner, through planning and recovery. Learning from past lessons is essential in this process, it will have the effect of making the individual or community focused on how to criticize and how to look deeper into what makes them “bounce back” faster and more efficiently. A resilient community is better prepared, has the ability to better anticipate disasters and plan accordingly to reduce -not eliminate- disaster losses. This community will not have to pay as much after the event, due to their planning, their losses are significantly reduced in mortality, morbidity rates, and their financial loss will be less. That doesn’t mean that it is painless or inexpensive. The long-term planning and investments are among the most challenging obstacles in the face of a resilient community (

Cooperative actions are ought to be carried out by the community, the public and private sector to support the commitment to risk management strategies that will turn the community into a resilient one. The investments in building a risk-reduction infrastructure are an integral part in this process, and it needs to be agreed upon and supported by all the involving parties, which includes the community, the public, and private sector. The federal government has adopted an approach which states that all federal government agencies should integrate national resilience as a guiding principle, that can be used to form the mission and actions of all levels in the federal government and the programs it provides ( Moreover, the use of data is a huge player here, where it can guide the researchers to specify and pinpoint where the community needs to improve. It can be achieved through a database the accumulate and organize all the information regarding injuries, loss of life, property loss, and impacts on economic activity. Lastly, the healthcare system should be effective and should have a high level of communications between the facilities and to communicate better to the inflicted public in time of a disaster (PHE).

Besides responding and supporting the community efforts, individuals have a responsibility to be in their best state at the time of a disaster. Which takes me to a point that is usually overlooked and not given much attention, which is mentally coping with disasters on a personal level. Disasters happen at a time that is full of distress, especially if the individual lost a loved one. Resilience comes to the equation in the form of emotional and mental recovery, where an individual with great distress can reach out to the appropriate facility and receives the service that they need. PTSD, major depression, and other mental illnesses are influencing the mental health of the individuals, limiting their productivity, crippling them from playing their role in the community resilience (Norris et al., 2008).


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there are situations where – even years later – some communities haven’t completely rebounded from severe events. Katrina took place in 2005 – almost 13 years ago – and New Orleans is not what it was in 2004. Some areas of Long Island haven’t recovered from Sandy.

Please look into these or others and let me know your thoughts. Why does it take so long? Has Indonesia recovered from the tsunami? How close is Haiti to pre-earthquake days? Or go back even further and look at Bhopal, India after the chlorine release.

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