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Risk is the likelihood that a harmful health event will occur in a given population during a specific time period. Environmental hazards can increase human risk of illness, disability and premature death. An environmental hazard is “any physical, chemical, or biological entity” that causes harm. Some common factors that affect the risk of harmful events cannot be changed. Such factors include age, gender, race or ethnicity. Other factors that affect the risk of harmful health events can be changed. These factors result from biophysical, environmental, psychosocial and sociopolitical circumstances (Huffling, n.d.). Some examples are: being overweight, not exercising enough, smoking cigarettes, having high cholesterol, and consuming more than two alcoholic drinks a day.

Vulnerability will be defined as “a varying state of weakness or strength that can be mobilized when one encounters a threatening event.” This definition includes individual and experimental factors that result in variability of outcomes across populations (Huffling, n.d.). Some examples are: racial and ethnic minorities, the uninsured, low-income children, the elderly, the homeless.

Advocating for a member or a vulnerable population –whether as a caseworker or legal adviser—requires skill, dedication and compassion. Many people are disadvantaged and unable to effectively speak for themselves due to physical illness, mental disability, age, housing instability or legal status. Advocating for any of these populations presents challenges. When language barriers exist, the task becomes difficult.

I would advocate for the homeless. I feel like it would be beneficial because they have no one to advocate for them.  Some homeless people are illiterate, some are mentally ill, some have addiction problems and some are veterans; others have experienced a string of bad luck and joblessness. Some of the homeless are families or children (Putt, n.d.).

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