roger amp me michael moore the great gatsby f scott fitzgerald comparison essay research paper apa

Consider Fitzgerald’s world of elites- while we don’t have royalty in this country, we do have Tom and Daisy, who represent American Royalty. Consider the disparity between those that have and those who do not, in Moore’s documentary- Now, using the documentary and the novel, answer the following question : What roles do family history, lineage, and the financial circumstances of one’s birth play into a person’s abilty to attain the American Dream?


You may want to consider the following questions/prompts while preparing for and writing Paper 1. You do not need to answer all of them (or any of them)! They are simply designed to help you generate ideas.

  • What does Fitzgerald have to say about family history in his novel?
  • In Moore’s world, what happens to a family who has no financial or specific family lineage history?
  • What happens to Gatsby’s characters who have (at least in theory) attained the dream? What do they do with it? How do they handle it?

Remember that each word of your paper should directly answer the prompt. If each word of your paper is not doing this, you’re writing the wrong paper.

Remember to concentrate on creating independent thought from the analysis and avoid summary at all times.

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