running journal community corrections course

This is a running journal entry comprised of four, 200-250 word summary about your thoughts about the four given topics such as video clips and new articles. This is the passage from the professor about the journal:

Approach journals as both an opportunity to reflect upon your progress towards mastery of course objectives and to share your perspective and expertise gained from past educational and professional experiences. A journal is made up of many individual entries.

The Journal assignment must follow these formatting guidelines: Each week you will submit an entry to your own jourrnal. You will maintain the journal as an on-going document on your computer. Each entry will have about 200-250 words SINGLE SPACED with a blank line to separate each week’s entry. You will accumulate 8 entries during the course. Provide a heading in BOLD for each entry that states the number of the entry and that characterizes the content of that specific entry . Use 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, with discipline-appropriate citations.

The topics are as followed:

Week 1- For this week’s journal, after watching the watch the short video clip, The Economics of Justice with Dennis Maloney – discuss your thoughts about how to build economic incentives to support community justice initiatives in your community.

Week 2-For this week’s journal, after listening to the podcast, Bondsman Lobby Targets Pretrial Release Programs, what are your thoughts on the overall situation that is described? What do you think about the bondsmen’s lobbying efforts? Should they have a collective voice in this public policy debate? Why or why not?Bondsman Lobby Targets Pretrial Release Programs

Week 3- For this week’s journal, after watching the video clip, Restorative Justice Continuum, Howard Zehr talks about the continuum of restorativeness, shame, respect, honor, humiliation, vindication, indigenous and social justice. Reflect on and discuss what you think those mean to restorative justice. Why or why not are they important?

Week 4- For this week’s journal, after watching the video clip, Inside a Wisconsin Sex Offender Treatment Facility, discuss your opinion of Civil Commitment Programs. What do you think about keeping people in a secured environment which they may not freely leave, after they’ve served their criminal sentence? Based on the statistics in the story, do think the cost/benefit analysis makes these programs wise use of tax dollars?–CeTNSTw

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