salinas v texas significance of the case

For this mini assignment I have already done the first part which is the brief case. However, under the brief case that I did I am supposed to include the significance of the case of Salinas v. Texas. I will list the instructions provided by my teacher below. Also, the significance just has to be up to half a page or two paragraphs.

Question: Include a discussion under the Significance of the Case.

Please cite your sources and references for your discussion.

Instructions for writing the discussion on the Significance of the Case are as follows:

Here is where the Student will be asked to give an opinion or opinions with discussion as to why the case is important to the Criminal Justice System and Process generally, and why it is important to Law Enforcement more specifically.

1.You will be asked to explain how the decision of the case enhances our understanding of a Constitutional Amendment;

2.What effects it has on the Criminal Justice process;

3.How or in what ways it benefits the accused;

4. And how it changes the way law enforcement does its job.

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