section of paper on funding growth in a non profit

Write 1.5-2 pages on Funding Growth in a non-profit organization. Split it into two sections: “Sources” (what types of sources can a non-profit use to grow their funding) and “Diversification” (how do non-profits diversify the sources of funding). Needs to be in APA format and use at least two of the four references below:

Kearns, K. P., Bell, D., Deem, B., & McShane, L. (2014). How nonprofit leaders evaluate funding sources: An exploratory study of nonprofit leaders. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 43(1), 121-143. 10.1177/0899764012458038

Chan, T., Chau, G., & Chan, D. (1997). Sources of funding and monitoring effects on nonprofit organizations from an agency perspective. Asian Review of Accounting, 5(2), 66-77. 10.1108/eb060690

Foster, W. L., Kim, P., & Christiansen, B. (2009). Ten nonprofit funding models. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 7(2), 32.

Expert: Today’s nonprofit leaders should look to scale, develop new funding sources. (2015). Nonprofit Business Advisor, 2015(307), 6-9. 10.1002/nba.30060

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