security and virtualization 1

Part 1 Tasks (Objectives from Weeks 1–4)

Update your Key Assignment title page with a new date and a project name. Update your previously completed sections based on your instructor’s feedback. An outline of the Individual Project is as follows:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Modern operating systems report (Phase 1)
  • Multiprogramming concepts and preemption (Phase 2)
  • Interprocess communication and deadlock (Phase 3)
  • Input/output (I/O) requests and performance (Phase 4)
  • Operating system security (Phase 5)
  • References

Part 2 Tasks (Objective(s) from Week 5)

Identify at least 3 different processes or procedures that can be used to address operating system security issues in a distributed environment. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of virtualization in a data center environment.

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