security response plan

Create a 25- to 30-slide presentation detailing a security response plan based on the scenarios and institutions. The plan, based directly on the threat described in the Scenarios and Institutions resource, should include threat assessment, staffing requirements, communications, evacuation plans, financial considerations, equipment, chain of command, and allocation of resources. Your team will select one institution for analysis and plan formulation from the following list:

  • Hospital
  • School
  • Banking System
  • Industrial Manufacturing Complex
  • Electrical, Water/Sewer, Gas Services
  • Private Correctional Facility
  • Mall

Note: Images must be cited consistent with Instructor guidance and APA guidelines.

Note: Detailed Speaker Notes are complete sentences with correct grammar and punctuation. Speaker notes fully explain each slide as if they were giving an in-person presentation.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

University of Phoenix Material

Scenarios and Institutions


The city government of Nessville has been notified by federal authorities of an impending security threat in the form of a pandemic viral flu that has already decimated other urban areas. There is a further notification that a fundamentalist religious group has taken the pandemic’s progression as a sign of the “end of the world” and has actively organized domestic terrorist cells in opposition to government authority. In response, the city government has invoked a local emergency status that relies upon security personnel responsible. Your faculty member will assign each Learning Team one of the institutions described below.


Hospital – Containing 700 beds, the hospital serves as a major trauma center; air evacuation is available.

School – Located in a single educational complex at the edge of the city, 2,000 kindergarten through 8th grade students and 800 9th to 12th graders attend the school.

Banking System – Nessville is home to two national banks and a credit union, with combined assets of $400 million and 150 employees.

Industrial Manufacturing Complex – The complex has two campuses.The first works on Department of Defense contracts and employs in excess of 3,500 people.The industrial processes and operations involve chemicals that represent a risk of environmental contamination and pose a hazard of explosion under certain conditions. The second employs 2,000 people and manufactures agricultural products, including nitrogen-based fertilizer with an explosive potential when exposed to fire.

Electrical, Water/Sewer, Gas Services – One company with three separate facilities supplies electric, water/sewer, and natural gas services to approximately 75,000 people residing in Nessville.

Private Correctional Facility – Built on the outskirts of town, this 650-bed medium security facility employs 400 total staff, including 200 security officers.

Shopping Mall – Representing the major shopping and entertainment location for Nessville residents, the mall houses 2 major department stores and 40 smaller businesses, including several restaurants and a multiplex movie theater.

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