see instruction below


  1. Why are infirm gerontologic patients considered to be at a particularly high risk for development of UTI, and what steps can be taken to reduce this risk?
  2. Girls younger than 5 years old have a high incidence of UTI. Why do you think this is true, and what steps can be taken to reduce this risk?
  3. The father of a child who has developed acute glomerulonephritis has asked you how the child’s sore throat could have possibly harmed her kidneys. What do you tell the parent about the connection? Do parents have any responsibility in the child’s developing this problem? If so, what was their responsibility and how could the condition have been prevented

B) Make your this answer is personal from your experience NOT a generalised answer.

Defend the use of either learning objectives or motivational interviewing in patient teaching. From your experiences, give an example of when the use of learning objectives or motivational interviewing might have been beneficial in a patient teaching situation. Support your point of view with reference

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