self awareness and handling failure

Self-Awareness and Handling Failure

In this course you are focusing on developing a plan for your future. It is in the times of disappointment or adversity that your character becomes evident. In planning for your future as a manager, consider how you will handle those setbacks and what you can do now to develop the skills and character necessary to act appropriately.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the article, “Can You Handle Failure?” in this week’s Resources.

Consider the 11 personality types described. Do you fit into one of the categories?

The authors state, “Handling failure and blame the right way is key to managerial success” (p. 26). How can you ensure that you are handling a situation the “right way”? Is there only one right way?

Now post your cohesive and scholarly response by answering and addresses the following:

  • Describe a professional or work-related experience where you think you addressed the issue of failure appropriately. Analyze what you learned from the situation and why your approach was effective.
  • Identify which of the 11 personality types from the article that you demonstrated, and evaluate how you would foster the self-awareness process if you were managing someone who manifested this personality type.
  • In your analysis, describe how awareness of the different negative approaches (personality types) can help you with your own response to failure? How could you use this to help others?


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