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You did a short discussion and it was well written. Its like the short discussion you did for me. It was the IT problem.

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Discuss with your peers the progress on your project proposal. Elaborate on your Module One discussion on the critical elements comprising the project proposal.

  • What system design methodologies and techniques will you use?
  • What potential risks do you see that may prevent successful completion of your solution design?

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The modern technology has become the heart of most of the organization today. Particularly, the service industry relies heavily on the IT to deliver services to the customers (Ray and Chakraborty, 2014). However, the problem of information security has increasingly become the thorn in the flesh for the service industry. It threatens the privacy of the customer’s information as well as the company’s electronic data. Nevertheless, I avail a solution to the information security for the industry organization, banking (Ray and Chakraborty, 2014).

The solution to the information security of the companies will be to use the cloud services. The use of the internet platforms ensures the data security of the company and the customers are kept safe. Moreover, the loss of the data in cases of the incidences that are inevitable today by the IT attackers, are sorted out by the network backups provided by cloud service providers. In additions, the privacy of the data is assured by the cloud service provider through the use of encryption, making it difficult for the cyber-crimes to succeed in accessing private data (Srinivasan, 2014).

The experience of the cloud services (Srinivasan, 2014) in securing my electronic data has been successful without any reported access to private information or loss. The threat of electronic data security and losses that remains to be a problem in the service industry can only be solved by the consideration of the use of the cloud services in our daily transactions of delivering services to customers in the service industry (Ray and Chakraborty, 2014). However, I anticipate obstacles that may rise against the use of cloud services (Srinivasan, 2014), which are at a fee and also the issue of control of data security left at the hand of the third party. Nevertheless, to overcome this obstacle is by convincing my peers of trustworthiness of the cloud services providers is not in doubt and the benefits of the security of the customers for the reputation of an organization.


Ray, N., & Chakraborty, K. (2014). Handbook of research on strategic business infrastructure development and contemporary issues in finance.

Srinivasan, S. (2014). Cloud computing basics.

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