short paper 65


For this paper, write a 3-page analysis around a single scene of your own choosing, from either Zoot Suit or a scene in Killer of Sheep. This means, choose a scene around which you are to build a clear claim and support it through evidence*. Then, you are to relate the scene to the larger context of the film. Use at least one quote from the critical texts we have read (Melamed and/or Pulido) to further bolster your claim.


What is going on in your chosen scene? Using quotes from the scene as evidence, provide a close-reading/interpretation. How can you put your scene into conversation with other scenes that can be analyzed similarly? Or does your scene stand in direct contrast to another scene in the film? How does analysis about your chosen scene help us, the readers, better understand the larger plot of the film?

additional info:

  • Your chosen scene should not be longer than a minute.
  • Contextualize your citations within the paper; this means that you should explain what you cite so that your reader knows why you used a certain quotation and how it supports your claim.
  • Regard your paper as an organic unit: all parts should work and flow together.
  • Keep in mind that your audience is your fellow classmates, as well as your instructor. In other words, you are writing for an audience that has already seen the film. Make sure your paper is not merely a summary of the plot.

Assignment outcomes

  • The writing employs style, tone, and conventions appropriate to the demands of a particular genre and situation. (1)
  • The writing demonstrates an understanding of the course texts as necessary for the purpose at hand. (1)
  • Course texts are used in strategic, focused ways (for example: summarized, cited, applied, challenged, re-contextualized) to support the goals of the writing. (1)
  • The argument is appropriately complex, based in a claim that emerges from and explores a line of inquiry, taking into consideration counterclaims and multiple points of view as it generates its own perspective and position (3)
  • The argument involves analysis, which is the close scrutiny and examination of evidence and assumptions in support of a larger set of ideas. (2)
  • The argument utilizes a clear organizational strategy and effective transitions that develop its line of inquiry. (1)
  • Errors of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics are proofread and edited so as not to interfere with reading and understanding the writing. (1)

* MAKE SURE that every sentences is your own word or specific cite every source your use, that is important for me

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