As you explored the multimedia presentation, you encountered significant individuals in each of the five sectors. Some were historical figures who contributed significantly to the field. Others are contemporary professionals who continue to make exceptional contributions.

These individuals represent the rich history and vibrant growth related to the field of early childhood. Though it is impossible to learn everything about each person, this Discussion will provide you with an opportunity to focus on specific individuals of your choice as well as learn from the posts of others.

In preparation for the Discussion:

• Choose two people from different sectors of the early childhood field whom you admire and would like to know more about. For each, read at least one scholarly article, either from the Walden Library or from the Internet, in order to learn more about their lives, accomplishments, motivation, the context in which they worked, and other aspects that interest you.

Answer this questions

• Who are the two people you chose, which sector do they represent, and what are some of each person’s major accomplishments?

• In what ways can you relate to each person’s passion and motivation?

• How does knowing about each person and his or her work deepen and enhance your understanding of the early childhood field?

350 words at least

Please note: Put the names of the two people you chose in the first line of your post. At the end of your discussion post, cite the scholarly articles you referenced in APA format.

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