similarity between two post knowledge management Writing Assignment Homework Help

The two posts relate to one topic, knowledge management.  The post has a wide range of connection and research that shows the things that have to be carried out concerning management to ensure that management progress and records success.  Both agree that knowledge is vital for management of any kind.  This is because knowledge in management will enable one to make quick and sound judgments.  It is, therefore, the role if the manager in business to ensure that they exploit all the resources that thy may have to ensure that thy provide the best management that is needed for the success of the firm

It is also evident that the two posts have placed much effort on the role of technology in management.  Knowledge in management t as outlined in the two post is the key to the flow of activities that are to be carried out in the organization. The innovations in the business are owed to the knowledge of the organization possessed by the managers.

The two posts have shown the benefits that are accrued by organizations that have the benefits of KM. First, the post made is clear that there is need to have enough knowledge in management, and the manager should include this knowledge to focus on improving the performance of the organizations.

Finally, the articles are similarity in that they acknowledge that technology plays a vital role in knowledge management. The posts explain that with technology, the sharing of information will be greatly improved and that the organization can use the technology knowledge to enhance the security of their ideas and innovation to keep them ahead of the competitors.

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