Being agile, adaptive, and innovative are common traits of successful companies in today’s fast paced, global market. CargoSmart is a global shipping and logistics solutions provider who learned that being agile and innovative in their approach to improving business processes had several payoffs.

CargoSmart introduced social networking within its organization to improve communications and project coordination. As an added benefit, it is also proving to be an effective business-to-business supply chain coordination tool for handling exceptional events.


For this discussion, read the article, compose your response to the questions:

  • Read the Gartner white paper:

Drakos, Nikos. (2012 April 16). Best Practices in Collaboration: Social Networking Helps to Handle Exceptions in Ocean Carrier Supply Chain. (Attached)

  • Respond to the discussion questions:
  1. Which “best practice” had the most impact on this success story and why?
  2. For what other processes within the supply chain network can social networking be used?
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