staffing measurement case study and answer 4 question

You just became the head of staffing for BabyBots, a manufacturer of small robots. You were surprised to learn

that the company had never validated the manual dexterity test it uses to assess job candidates for its

manufacturing jobs. You decided to do a concurrent validation study and administer the test to thirty

manufacturing workers. Their scores are reported in Table A, along with their ages, sex, race, and job

performance ratings. You also calculated the correlation between the manual dexterity test and job performance

to assess the test’s validity. You then examined the relationship between employees’ test scores and their

performance ratings. The results of this analysis are shown in Table B.

Then answer question:

1:What kind of relationship exists between employees’ scores on the manual dexterity test and their

performance ratings?

2: Suppose a candidate scored 44 on the manual dexterity test. The regression equation predicting job

performance using the manual dexterity test is:

32.465 + (1.234 × Manual dexterity test score)

What is the candidate’s predicted job performance

3:Assume that only candidates with predicted performance above 85 are to be hired. This translates to a score

of at least 43 on the manual dexterity test. Assume only those with scores above 43 were hired (20 of the 30

people in this sample). Would the use of this test have led to evidence of adverse impact based on sex or

race? The relevant data on the 20 people exceeding the cutoff are above in Table B

4:4. Given the validity results you found, would you recommend use of this test as a selection device? If so, how

would you use

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