statistics question 272

  • Please don’t copy – do original work. I check and if it is copied I’ll not accept it give you a low rating.
  • Do not highlight. Again, DO NOT HIGHLIGHT.
  • Bolding or underlining is the most appropriate way to identify the final answer.
  • I will not hunt for the answer. Please clearly indicate the answer.
  • Always show work at the end, not in the middle of the quiz or exam. Just put the answers and show work on scrap paper. For most work, you must show work unless you are using e-calculators and you must document this fact.
  • You must send me back the same document I sent to you. Do not just send me answers.
  • Your submitted work must be in the same format. If I send you a .doc, send back a .doc. Do not send me an excel file or an rtf file.

Thank you

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