1They have hired you as an entry level manager, and you will be asked to make decisions about the direction of the business and the strategic management process. Each week there will be a new video and a new scenario. ( see my recording file)

  • Which product do you believe Digital Worldwide should release to consumers? Why did you make this choice?
  • What is one supply chain management strategy that you think is viable in this market (choose from disintermediation, strategic collaboration, outsourcing, and vertical integration)? Why did you make this choice?
    • How will one of the competencies or core values you chose last week help the company be successful in this market? (Refer back to the module 1 discussion to review the competencies or core values you chose.) see attach file my recording part 1
  • 2.Review the following case study.In your discussion post, discuss and analyze the functional strategies used by Ford Motor Corporation in its rollout of its fleet of electrified autos. see attach file pdf
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