survey of literature 7

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please go into the lesson plan and you can read the lesson plan,also you are welcome to start the complete to I will place the question so you can bid.That way you can be ahead.

Discuss the theme(s) you found in one of the stories read in week 1 or in week 2 (if you’ve already read some of those). Some questions to consider include: How did you see that theme developed in the story? How does the author’s use of symbolism or other literary elements relate to that theme? How does the story’s title relate to the theme? Do any of the characters change and how might that change relate to the story’s theme? How does that theme relate to our lives/world today? (These are some suggestions of questions to consider in your discussion but you are not limited to these questions. Also, this is not a checklist; you don’t necessarily have to address every question in your discussion.)

There is helpful information about theme on pp. 381-386 in this week’s Read section. Your initial response should demonstrate thought beyond the surface, should include two references, and should be at least 250 words. See the discussion rubric in the syllabus for more guidelines.

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