the bane of the internet by ha jin

Topic: The story by Ha Jin, “The Bane of the Internet.” You are writing about theme.

MLA format

NOTE: The Works Cited page (in MLA formatting, version #8) should include the primary source only. Do not use secondary sources for this paper. Also, see the folder for Paper #1 on the Course Content page which includes a sample outline. Do not fail to read the instructions about the paper below. 1. Write outline and thesis statement for Paper #1. (The finished paper should be at least 500 words, but no more than 525 words.) Read the story by Ha Jin, “The Bane of the Internet,” in Literature, beginning on page 590. Your thesis should focus on the theme of the story, using the information in Chapter 19, “Theme,” especially pages 459-463. Also, review Chapter 5, “Writing Literary Arguments,” pp. 62-77. Use the sample outline provided on the Course Content page in the folder for Paper #1. Note: The thesis is part of the introduction. The thesis should be the last sentence in the introduction. For the outline, give me ONLY the thesis at the top of the outline. Do not include the entire introduction. A thesis is one sentence. Another Note: The author of the story is Ha Jin. He (a male) is not the same as the character in the story, the unnamed female narrator who lives in America. The narrator is the older sister to Yuchin who lives in China. Another Note: For your thesis based on a theme in the story, do not use only the theme of the materialism of Yuchin, the sister in China. While you can certainly mention her

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