the interview project

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This is a relatively simple assignment in which you will gain an understanding about various perspectives concerning women involvement in sports prior to 1972. (3 page)

Interview Project/Assignment: 25pts

Instructions: Read the following completely and carefully. Upon Completion of both Part

1 & 2, save, upload and submit document via Blackboard.

When initiating contact with these people, just tell them (if they ask) that you are a Sport

Management student who is researching sociological issues.

This is a two or more page paper on social experiences utilizing the following


Part 1: Talk with your mother and grandmothers (or other women who went to high

school or college before 1972) and ask them about their involvement in physical

activities and sports. What factors in their lives encouraged, limited, or prevented their

participation? Then talk with your father and grandfathers (or other men about the same

age as the women you talk with) and ask them the same questions. Were their

experiences different or similar? Explain why they were either different or similar.

Part 2: Talk with two women your age and ask them similar questions about their

participation in physical activities and sports. How are their experiences different from

and how are they similar to the experiences of the older women? Explain why their

experiences differ. What social changes have occurred over the past two generations

that have made early sport experiences for young women today different from women

who went to school before the early 1970s?


Essays/Research & Projects: All materials turned in for class credit MUST be typed,

double-spaced, appropriately referenced and grammatically correct. All writing

assignments though may not specifically state is to be min 2 pages and 500 words, APA

formatted, not to include title, abstract, conclusion, reference and appendices (if

required) pages. Please review your APA manual for formatting, citing, quoting and

listing references and sources. . Papers deemed unacceptable by the professor will be

returned to be revised with a reduction of one letter grade. Students will be referred to

the Writing Center, NO EXCEPTIONS! If you would like to consult face-to-face with a

tutor about a writing project, feel free to call the Writing Center for an appointment.

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