the topic for this research paper is about heart disease and the different treatments and practices that can help the heart stay in healthy condition 1

  1. Paper Format
    1. 1000 words, 12-point Times Roman font, double spacing, with a title page and resource page
  2. The research paper needs to be completed in Microsoft Word.
  3. Any similarity score above 30% should be reviewed and rewritten.
  4. Resources
    1. The source can be from scientific journal or any peer review article or scientific paper that reflects a current event. Use journals such as “Science”, “Science News”, “Scientific American”, “Nature”, “Preventive Medicine”, and other health or medical journals.
    2. You must use a minimum of 6 sources for your paper.
    3. Cite these sources where they occur in your paper.
    4. Use either APA or MLA style for citing your sources in your paper as well as for creating your resource page.
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