the trouble with how we treat bipolar disorder

  • Consider how you can elaborate on your responses:
    • Generate an open-ended question and answer it using material from the texts.
    • Describe your reaction and provide details from the texts to explain your feelings.
    • Select a significant example and explain why it is important to the texts overall.
    • Evaluate an idea in the texts and explain your opinion in greater depth.
    • Share a connection to something outside the texts and explain the relationship.
    • Summarize the main idea of the texts and provide key points that support the ideas.
  • Select one of the options above, and write a one-page journal in that format.


Clear response type (question, reaction, example, evaluation, connection, summary)

Main idea and supporting details from texts, including a minimum of two pieces of information from each text and two pieces of commentary to support each response

1 page double-spaced in 10 or 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font (including MLA heading at the top)


Introduction to the texts, authors, and response type

Transitions between ideas

Multiple body paragraphs with the first line of each paragraph indented (including intro and conclusion paragraphs)

Conclusion to restate main point of response


Clear Sentence structure (avoid fragments and run-ons)

Minimal spelling errors

Correct use of punctuation

Vary word choice (rather than using the same wording repeatedly)

Proofread your work (utilize the Writing Center as needed)…

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