this is a religion class

This assignment is due in Week 1 of the course.

Scholars conclude that what we ordinarily call religion manifests to some degree the following eight elements:

  1. a belief system
  2. community
  3. central myths
  4. rituals
  5. an ethical system
  6. emotional experiences
  7. material expressions of religion
  8. sacredness

In a short essay, complete the following:

  1. Examine to what extent your religious beliefs fall into this pattern. Do some elements have more weight than others? If you do not have a belief system, interview someone who does and examine their belief system. Provide enough details to support your answer.
  2. Then examine one of the “new religions” or alternative paths that are seen in today’s world and apply the same analysis to their beliefs. Do some elements have more weight than others? Are some totally absent? Provide enough details to support your answer. Please limit your analysis to no more than three elements for each section.
  3. Conclude by explaining some of the key questions and/or issues that religions face today.

This essay should be 2 pages in length (750-1000 words) and must be in APA format.

Don’t forget to submit your assignment.

Grading Rubric (40 Points)





Central Idea



Does the paper have a central and unifying idea that addresses the prompt and provides a sustained and thoughtful discussion of the topic?

Content Organization and Cohesiveness



Is the paper clear, concise, are ideas presented and developed, does the paper flow? How easy/difficult is the paper to read?

Grammar, Spelling, Editing, and so on



Is the paper of high quality, few or no misspelled words, correct grammar and punctuation used, and so on?

Layout and Formatting



Correct use of APA style present in citations, references, and so on, not the presence or absence of in-text citations or references/bibliography page/entries.




A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requireme

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