two things 1 2 paragraph and comment on students post

Write 1-2 paragraphs:

“Last-Mile Delivery” is a term used to represent the final leg of a parcel’s journey before it arrives at the customers site. As consumers, we often experience last-mile delivery as the UPS or USPS delivery to our homes. Retail firms focused on e-commerce are highly attentive to innovation of the last-mile as consumers appreciate reliable fast delivery and will give some level of preference to this as a competitive factor. Innovations are often relying on a blend of new technology and/or application of technology in new ways. After reading the attached article, answer the question below.

Question: Perform some research on last-mile delivery as relates to consumer markets, and provide 1-2 paragraph description of a technology or process innovation and how you foresee that technology or process innovation will affect last-mile delivery value for consumers in the next 5-10 years. Any innovative system or process is allowed for the discussion EXCEPT Amazon Prime. Find something fresh.

Cite additional sources.

Post small comments on two student’s initial posts:

Student one: When looking at last- mile delivery one instance that really keeps on popping into my head is the innovations coming from stores like Walmart. In an article taken form Fortune it talks about how Walmart is improving its logistics through buying and now offer customers in New York same day delivery for most everything. Walmart to keep up with one of its main competitors (Amazon) now offers something that Amazon cannot, same day grocery delivery. Not only this but they are implementing new processes to this that allow their workers to even stock the fridge and cabinets of the customers at no cost and in the same day ! Not only with this does Walmart gain an edge on the competition it forces them to step up to the plate.

With advances like this I really do believe that we are just around the corner from a breakthrough that will change the way we see last mile delivery. In the article it talks some about how people in developed markets are wanting things to be more easily obtained and with less stress on the buyer and when I see this I think convenience= money. This is the American way we want more things, better quality, more quantity, and we want it now. So in the future it is hard to say what will be the next big breakthrough but I think we are only months away from seeing drone delivery take place and that will be a huge player for online companies.

Post a comment and ask the student a question related to the post.

Student two: The past few years I have noticed some add-ons in the heart of Detroit Michigan. As I visited some areas within the last two years, I have noticed the bike racks where you have to pay to rent them and you can drop the bike off at another site of the bike rack. I can see this feature being utilized within the next five years or so. The bike rack feature basically reminds me almost logistics because as type of transportation, it is getting you from one place to another. The bicycle sharing system is a unique idea specially to check out new things throughout the Detroit area.

All companies try to update their performances. I have not seen one in my area, but Samsung has also created the new Samsung Care Truck. The Samsung Care Truck is also another innovative as where the Samsung truck comes to you to for any repairs or troubleshooting. This gives Samsung the upper hand verses Apple because if you are in need of assistance, you have to go into the apple store for assistance. Most Companies try to have the upper hand advantage verses their competitors. Another good example is that retail stores are starting to deliver such as Target and Meijer’s. With that being said, this can be a treat to amazon because the retail stores are having same day delivery verses Amazon two-day delivery. I have listed some links below that focuses on my discussion.

Post a comment and ask the student a question related to the post.

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