two views of the forgotten man

Topic : Two Views of the “Forgotten Man”


The first paragraph will define the Who, What, When and Where of the assigned subject in no less than two or more than four sentences.I want sharp, clear concise sentences and proper grammar structure.Try to keep the sentence length at less than a maximum of fifteen words.Please refrain from employing endless sentences and incorrect grammar.Employ spell check and grammar check and try to utilize the Writing Center to assist in structure and editing of the effort


Paragraph two should cite and explain the reason Why of the subject according to the textbook.In citing sources for this effort I want the title, author, copyright date and publishing house named.This paragraph should run no more than four sentences of direct material or less.

Paragraph three should present the methods of How the effort or action was undertaken according to the text source.Each of these sentences describing How the effort is undertaken should be like the lead sentence of a new paragraph.You must have a minimum of three how’s and more if available.

Paragraph four should define the Result according to the textbook.Limit this to three sentences.

Paragraph five should employ the same format as paragraph two to cite and describe the Why from the Second College Level Primary Source.

Paragraph six needs to define the methods How from the Second Source in the order the author provides.Often the same reasons are given for how a structure or event took place but the order is different and this affects the context of the paper and the result.

Paragraph seven needs to explain the Result as defined from the second source.

Paragraph eight defines the Why from your third primary source. Again employ the structure of the second and fifth paragraph to cite this source and define it.

Paragraph nine defines the How of the third source in the order and context presented.

Paragraph ten explains the result according to the third source as structured in paragraphs four and seven.

Paragraph eleven defines your interpretation of the resources.“According to my evaluation of the data and reflection X Source correctly defines the material assigned to my satisfaction.Therefore this is my defense of my selection” if you have selected one source.If no one source defines the assignment employ “According to my evaluation of the data and reflection no one source correctly defines the materials assigned to my satisfaction.Therefore this is my interpretation of the assigned materials.”

Paragraph twelve presents either your defense of the selection of your interpretation according to your research.A DEFENSE Three defined reasons in three separate sentences why you selected the material defining the subject assigned.Two reasons for why each of the other resources was not able to explain the subject properly. Or AN INTERPRETATION (not exact) Your why, how’s in the order you find them relevant and the most important result you have discovered from the subject assigned as you see them using the filter of rational thought.Generally you will find that you cannot meet the requirements of the paper in less than five pages of work and certainly need no more than ten pages to complete the effort.Stay concise and define specific reasons for your selections and define each how in a declarative sentence.Don’t through data at the effort.Provide direct and simple interpretations so that a clear summation is achieved.Good luck and maintain this goal, if you cannot explain it you cannot employ it.This is a critical thinking effort that requires you make determinations according to your research and what you have determined from the resources you have gathered.

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