Understanding Linear Regressions

Public health literature often references results of multiple linear regressions. While it may seem logical to accept any conclusions found within peer-reviewed journal articles, enough misleading material is published to justify a more analytical approach in reviewing the literature. This is especially true when reading conclusions based on multiple linear regression results.

Understanding the goal of research, and determining whether an appropriate choice of analysis was used, can help researchers to better interpret results. For example, a regression line is only a valid predictor of the behavior of the data it represents. The conclusion drawn from a multiple linear regression on the effect of coffee consumption on blood pressure will not allow for predictions of future blood pressure based on an individual’s coffee consumption.

For this Discussion, select one of the journal articles in the Learning Resources. You assess whether multiple linear regression was an appropriate type of analysis. You also consider whether you would conduct the analysis or interpret the results differently. Finally, you evaluate the authors’ conclusions about the results of the multiple linear regression.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post the title of the article you selected and a brief explanation of whether or not multiple linear regression is an appropriate choice of analysis. Then, explain whether your article reported all the necessary analytical results that would convince you to accept the authors’ conclusions and explain why or why not. Finally, explain whether you would conduct a different type of analysis or interpret the results differently and why.

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