unit 9 assignment 9

Support Services Recommendation Report

The final step for the course project is to integrate your previous information and propose a recommendation regarding a gap in existing resources of a chosen program, agency, or organization in your local community that provides a specific service or a range of services to older adults.

This should not be a re-submission of previous assignments, but rather an analysis, explanation, and synthesis of how the knowledge you gained from previous assignments leads to your recommendations.


  1. To successfully complete this project, integrate the information you gained from the previous assignments in Unit 3, Unit 5, and Unit 7 into your Support Service Recommendation Report and include the following:
    • In Unit 3, you did a survey of local services. You explained what was available for older adults in your community.
      • Incorporate your analysis concerning the extent these available services are meeting the needs for the number of older adults in your local population.
      • Compare epidemiological data, including mortality and morbidity statistics noting significant differences by cultural and ethnic groups, and aspects that foster or inhibit successful aging.
    • In Unit 5, you interviewed an older adult, a representative of formal support services, and a representative of informal support services to learn about older adult needs and use of services.
      • Analyze your findings from the respondents regarding involvement with support services.
      • Add a component to propose strategies that address social and cultural biases and discriminatory practices toward the aging population.
    • In Unit 7, you conducted a literature review of support services for older adults, based on older adult needs.
      • Include your analysis from the literature as to which services are working successfully for older adults, what needs they service, and where the services are located.
  2. Propose recommendations and strategies that address social and cultural biases and discriminatory practices to improve a service or program where a need is not being met.
    • Identify a selected and previously researched target agency, organization, or program in your local community.
    • Analyze what is or is not working well with the organization or program.
      • Analyze the older adult need not being met.
    • Analyze political, organizational, economic, and environmental factors of your chosen organization.
      • Examine the perceptions and treatment of older adults from a social, cultural, and ecological perspective. Include the concepts of respect, family obligations, and gender and how they influence older adults, especially the oldest old.
    • Propose strategies based on identified success factors to assist the older adult in aging productively.
      • Suggest how technology could be incorporated.

Recommendation Report Format

Please include the following for this assignment.

  • Title Page.
  • Introduction that provides an overview of the paper’s focus.
  • Background that explains the evolution of the problem and includes the literature review.
  • Context that explains relevant details and addresses issues such as vulnerable populations, existing resources, and others.
  • Recommendations including a review of alternative approaches to the problem as well as a detailed discussion of the action you are recommending.
  • Conclusion that summarizes the report and reinforces the recommendation.
  • References.

Submission Requirements

Written Communication: Exemplify master’s level critical thinking and analysis in your paper. Do not just present a summary of the readings. Objectively evaluate and report on the findings of your research materials and the readings from the course.

  • Write scholarly by making points that are logical, substantive, and relevant based on the presented evidence, as well as free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Clearly identify in your paper where you are addressing each grading criterion or part of the assignment.
  • Create written communications that are respectful and appropriate to the purpose, context, and audience.
  • Apply the conventions of the APA style guide and format in written communications.
  • Generate communications that are clear, organized, concise, and use correct grammar and mechanics.
  • Your paper should be double spaced using Times New Roman, 12 point. There is no required minimum or maximum page length.
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