US History questions

Need 3-4 sentences per answer




1.Explore shifting conceptions of American Indians from earliest contact in the Americans into the 18th century. Be sure to deal, as space permits, with the English, The Spanish and the French.




2. When, where and why did British North Americans decide to begin using African American bonded labor in Virginia and the Carolinas instead of white indentured servants?




3.When sustained settlement of North American finally happened in the early 17th century, how exactly di the British organize their colonies? In one way? Many ways? Talk about the forms of settlement and how they were alike and different – and give examples.




4. How did the objectives of Spanish and Portuguese imperial expansion differ from the objectives of the French and English? Did they occur at the same time? Do you think that the timing of these decisions to establish empires helps us understand outcomes-that is, when they faded away or decided to abandon their empires?




5. How di the British North American colonies differ in economic terms? Did they all produce similar crops or products? Did they use the same kinds of work forces as time passed? If you fid differences, do you think those differences make it harder or easier to explain the coming of the American Revolution.




6. Was the American revolution radical?




7. What role did Africans play in the development of the colonies and how did they attempt to gain freedom despite the adverse conditions of slavery?




8. What role did religion play in the establishment of the colonies and in the decision to break from England?




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