use the following information for jkeb corporation to complete pages 1 through 3 of the 2011 form 1120

Address: 1994 Lincoln St, Township, FL 34691

Employer Identification Number: 98- 325465
Date Incorporated: 01-01-11
Accounting Method: Accrual

Use the following link to determine the principal business activity code:

JKEB Corporation’s activities are focused more on sporting goods than apparel. They are not a subsidiary of another corporation and no entity owns more than 20% of JKEB Inc.

Total Assets


Total Receipts/Sales


Returns and Allowances


Cost of Goods Sold


Dividends from less than 20% owned investees


Dividends from 20% or more owned investees




Income from store vending machines


Salaries and Wages


Bad Debts




Charitable contributions during 2011






Tax Deposits during 2011


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