valuation for starbucks

  • “Valuation for Starucks” – Headings

    Use the following questions to guide your research and analysis. Also, use these as “Headings” in composing your paper in a “Q/A” format;

    1. What type of cash flow–dividends, FCFE or FCFF, et cetera-would you choose to discount for this firm?
    2. What growth pattern–Stable, two-stage, three-stage, et cetera-would you pick for this firm? How long will high growth last?
    3. What is your estimate of value of equity in this firm? How does this compare to the market value?
    4. What is the key variable–risk, growth, leverage, profit margins, other–driving this value?
    5. If you were hired to enhance value at this firm, what path would you choose?
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