vintner mortgage company in chicago

Due: Sunday, End of Module by 11:55 p.m. EST

Complete following questions:

  1. Vintner Mortgage Company in Chicago, Illinois, markets residential and commercial loans to customers in the region. Although the company had generally tried to avoid the “sub-prime” loan market, recently the company’s board of directors asked whether the company had experienced a difference in the proportion of loan defaults between residential and commercial customers. To prepare an answer to this question, company officials selected a random sample of 200 residential loans and 105 commercial loans that had been issued prior to 2005. The loans were analyzed to determine their status. A loan that is still being paid was labeled “Active” and a default loan was labeled “Default.” The resulting data are in a file called Vintner.
    • Based on the sample data and a significance level equal to 0.05, does there appear to be a difference in the proportion of loan defaults between residential and commercial customers?
    • Prepare a short response to the Vintner board of directors. Include in your report a graph of the data that supports your statistical analysis.
    • Consider the outcome of the hypothesis test in part a. In the last five audits, 10 residential and 10 commercial customers were selected. In three of the audits, there were more residential than commercial loan defaults. Determine the probability of such an occurrence.
    • Vintner spreadsheet
  2. The California State Highway Patrol recently conducted a study on a stretch of interstate highway south of San Francisco to determine what differences, if any, existed in driving speeds of cars licensed in California and cars licensed in Nevada. One of the issues to be examined was whether there was a diffrence in the variability of driving speeds between cars licensed in the two states. The data file Speed-Test contains speeds of 140 randomly selected California cars and 75 randomly selected Nevada cars. Based on these sample results, can you conclude at the 0.05 level of significance there is a difference between the variations in driving speeds for cars licensed in the two states?
    • California Speed Test spreadsheet
  3. The Ecco Company makes electronics products for distribution throughout the world. As a member of the quality department, you are interested in the warranty claims that are made by customers who have experienced problems with Ecco products. The file called Ecco contains data for a random sample of warranty claims. Large warranty claims not only cost the company money but also provide adverse publicity. The quality manager has asked you to provide her with a range of values that would represent the percentage of warranty claims filed for more than $300. Provide this information for your quality manager.
    • Ecco Spreadsheet
  4. The state transportation department recently conducted a study of motorists in Idaho. Two main factors of interest were whether the vehicle was insured with liability insurance and whether the driver was wearing a seat belt. A random sample of 100 cars was stopped at various locations throughout the state. The data are in the file called Liabins. The investigators were interested in determining whether seat belt status is independent of insurance status. Conduct the appropriate hypothesis test using a 0.05 level of significance and discuss your results.
    • Idaho Transportation
  5. An economist for the state government of Mississippi recently collected the data contained in the file called Mississippi on the percentage of people unemployed in the state at randomly selected points in time over the past 25 years and the interest rate of Treasury bills offered by the federal government at that point in time.
    • Develop a plot showing the relationship between the two variables.
    • Describe the relationship as being either linear or curvilinear.
    • Develop a simple linear regression model with unemployment rate as the dependent variable.
    • Write a short report describing the model and indicating the important measures.
    • State of Mississippi

Grading Criteria:

  • Submit Completeness, showing work where applicable
  • Assignment Correctness


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