vocabulary writing assignment 1

Vocabulary Writing Assignment :

1. You must define each of the 10 words in from each of the vocabulary lists. One definition per word only.

  1. Use your context clues and define the vocabulary word (do not go to the dictionary). Write the definition in your own words.

2. Write and submit one original sentence for each of the 10 vocabulary words from each of the vocabulary lists. Please underline or bold the vocabulary word. Each word must be used correctly. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation count for these assignments. No slang may be used.

Vocabulary List One (Douglass):

  1. authentic (p. 1)
  2. abundance (p. 5)
  3. advice (p. 6)
  4. extraordinary (p. 7)
  5. frequently (p. 8)
  6. commenced (p. 22)
  7. immediately (p. 25)
  8. necessary (p. 48)
  9. horrid (p. 56)
  10. compelled (p. 59)
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