watch the tv show aussie gold hunter then write a 6 page essay apply course and text terms and concepts in your analysis focus on decision making problem solving

Groups will analyze a season (minimum 8 episodes) of a reality show (aussie gold hunter) that involves a workplace and tasks done in (ongoing) groups. Groups will use the following 4 OB topic areas in the Meso paper: Conflict/Negotiation, Group Dynamics, Decision Making/Problem Solving, Power/Politics/Leadership. Groups must obtain approval for the reality show and season they want. Apply course and text terms and concepts in your analysis

II. The Case Analysis:


1. Watch the episodes. It may be a good idea to take notes of key incidents and behaviors in each episode in order to be able to find them quickly when analyzing later.

2. Reflect on ideas that have occurred to you as you studied class topics. Next, go to your text and notes and review the terms, concepts, research, and theories related to the topics listed above. Decide which of these terms, concepts, research, and theories are most relevant for understanding what happened in the episodes.

3. Papers: Write a 20-25 page (minimum) analysis of the season’s episodes using the terms, concepts, research, and theories from the text and class. Make sure you adequately cover all topics.

4. Presentations: Your presentation should be no longer than 10-12 minutes due to class time constraints. Be sure you have an even-handed coverage of topics in the presentation and that your presentation materials and delivery are consistent throughout, even with different presenters.

III. Grading Criteria:

1. Presentations, Paper: Analyses will be graded on the extent to which you have used these terms, concepts, research, and theories appropriately to analyze and better understand the case. In other words, papers and presentations should not merely repeat material in the text. Instead, course concepts should be applied to analyze the situation. Analyses will be graded on the extent to which you show an understanding (i.e., beyond superficial) of terms, concepts, research and theories used in the analysis. In other words, points will be taken off for any inaccuracies in your use of course terms and concepts.

2. Group Work: Since group work is an important element of this assignment, deductions will be made for any evidence of lack of effective group coordination in the analysis, presentation, and write-up of the paper. Your group may want to create a team contract prior to completing the two papers to help specify how effective coordination will happen.

3. Clear, Professional Communication: Clear, professional communication is also an expectation in this assignment. Thus, deductions will be made for minimally acceptable or unacceptable communication in papers and presentations.

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