webquest for art resources

Webquest for Arts Resources

When schools face budget cuts, arts specialists and curriculum are typically the first areas to get cut. Because of this, early childhood and elementary teachers are often tasked with integrating the arts into the other subjects they teach. In this lesson, you will conduct a webquest to find 2 arts resources online that you can share with your peers. These resources should be directly useful for early childhood teachers and meaningful for early childhood students. Once you search the web and locate 2 resources, you will share these resources as an overview of the arts resource and the link to the resource and write answer the following questions.

Using the ECD Rubric as a guide, post the web address (URL) for at least two arts resources you located online that are relevant to the early childhood classroom. Then post a description of each resource and how it can be used in the classroom. Post your thoughts on how these resources related to the readings in this lesson. Cite your outside references and resources.

You are required to compose a substantive, original discussion post responding tothe respective prompt for that discussion. Scholarly work that is commensurate for a Masters level program is the expectation. This includes the inclusion of references and resources in alignment with APA guidelines

*** I attached a article that has websites that could be used for assignment. Please answer all the questions above in paragraph form please.

Falls Below Expectations

Approaches Expectations



Points = 0

No content is provided. The response is absent.

Points = 1-2

The original posting is not comprehensive in scope or it is not fully responsive to the prompt.

Points= 3-4

The original posting is comprehensive in scope and it is responsive to the prompt, however, further development is required.APA style partially utilized

Points = 5

The original posting is comprehensive in scope and it is highly responsive to the prompt. Moreover, this posting is fully developed. APA style is correctly utilized including the use of in-text citations and references.

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