week 1 task 3

Strategic Planning
posted by
Greg Brainard, MBA, MM/HRM


Strategic planning is vital to the overall success and future of any company because it sets a tone and works to improve almost every aspect of an organization. How does HR have such an impact on this when strategic planning really encompasses all departments and elements of an organization. Strategic planning in many ways helps to create an organizational environment so that employees have a voice and are able to use their individual skills and experience to help an organization grow in a positive direction. Organizational culture is a large part of strategic planning because culture that adapts well to change will be successful and able to mold to increasing advances in management, technology, and other organizational elements. Obviously every company is not perfect and does not integrate all elements of good strategic planning at all times…What can be done to ensure that a company is able to adapt better to change related to strategic planning? What would you do as the HR manager to ensure positive change?

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