week 4 prof comments

Another good discussion, Class! Again, we have this intention to be successful, but many, young manager-wanna-bes don’t even know what the company makes or what services it provides. A few points for emphasis:

1. Whose responsibility is it to know what the company does in terms of products, services, and the community? Yes, the company does have a responsibility for properly orienting new recruits. But if you’re hoping to be recognized as management material, it is up to you to figure out how and where the company shines. This is what sets you apart from the also-rans. And it doesn’t matter for what department you work – every piece of the organization is connected. To fix your little finger, one must know about skin and bones and muscles and veins and blood flow and where it’s been and where it’s going, etc.

2. Every position, from the lowest to the highest represents the company to both internal and external customers – we’re all salespeople, like it or not. This is a very important concept for all employees filling any job description in every sector – profit and nonprofit. When I go to academic, discipline-related conferences (in or outside of the country), meet my son’s friends, or attend various social functions in Nebraska City, I reflect the values of Bellevue University – even if I don’t want to. BU is judged to some extent by my behavior. When I participate on committees, advise students, or respond to requests by various departments on campus, I reflect the values of the College of Business – even if I don’t want to. Now, if I want to be successful, my company has to be successful – and my company can’t be successful if the departments within it aren’t successful — and just what do I have to do to help it all along…..?

3. Are there any ethical implications of painting over another’s product and calling it your own – even internally…?

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