what are the five elements of a map

American Military University

Intelligence Studies Program

INTL 432

Progress Assignment

Based On: Readings, Labs 1 & 2.

Instructions: Before starting this assignment, please read the following directions carefully.

Submit your assignment in a Microsoft Word document format (.doc or .docx) for the short answers and PowerPoint for the map.

Completely answer the following questions: 50 points

1. In your own words (150 words or more), explain the importance of unbiased analysis in context of producing GIS products. 10 points

2. ArcMap is the ArcGIS application you will use to make maps. When you save a session of ArcMap, you create a Map Document. What is the Map Document file extension? 10 points

3. What are the five essential elements of a Map? 15 points

4. In the Toolwire Lab, in what is the full path (My Files / ….) to where we save our Work? 5 points

5. What is the purpose of ArcCatalog (100 words or more)? 10 points

Map Exercise: 50 Points

Submit Week 1 and Week 2 Labs. Paste your Labs into a PowerPoint Presentation. The first slide is a title slides, with the course name, Assignment, your name, and date. The second slide is your Lab 1 Screen shot, and your third slide is your Lab 2 exported map.

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