Answer the first question, and then 2a. Each response should be approximately 500 words in length. (Please make reference to your textbook for question 1. Also, you can use Internet websites only to assist you on question 2a (use citation in text where needed for 2a) Remember to provide a reference section below.

Take Note: *You will notice that I began question 1, please provide additional information on the question*

1.  What are the key components of the learning organization, and how do these relate to the principles of systems theory?

The key components of the learning organization are increased adaptability, increased communication, and teams (Modaff et al, pg. 85).  The learning organization is based on systems theory.  The key components of the learning organization relate to the principles of systems theory because they highlight the ideas of interdependence and synergy.  Interdependence is based on the idea that two things are mutually dependent on one another.  In systems theory, the organization is dependent on the environment around it and the environment is also dependent on the organization.  The learning organization focuses a lot on teams and team work. This teamwork allows the organization to be so productive that they are capable of producing extra which is relevant to the idea of synergy. 

2a. Based upon the concept of the learning organization, provide (1) a detailed example of a company that failed to adapt to a changing environment and (2) a detailed example of one that succeeded in adapting to a changing environment.  

No Plagiarism please. Also the book i am reading for this course is Modaff, D.P. , Butler, J. A.,  & DeWine, S. (2008).
Organizational Communication: Foundations, Challenges, and Misunderstandings, 3d ed

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